I'm good at handling the problems mentally.

Hedvig Wessel on daring to follow the plan.

At the age of 22, Norwegian Hedvig Wessel had already competed in mogul skiing in two Olympics. Then she switched to freeride skiing. Since then, she’s managed to earn a university degree, start a popular YouTube channel, and finish second in the overall World Cup two years in a row. Now she is aiming for first place.

“I feel more focused than I have been in a long time. After last season, I had pain pretty much everywhere. I fell a couple of times, including a big crash in Andorra, but now I'm healthy and ready to go. Because there are only five races in a season, you have to be sharp and concentrated all the way,” Hedvig tells us.n

All Photos are taken by Anders Vest

Hedvig’s background as a mogul skier has not only given her basic technique and strength, but also an attitude that has made her dare to do more than she otherwise would have.

“I've had a 'no-nonsense' attitude since I started moguls, and it's become my great strength in freestyle skiing. I see opportunities, and once I've made up my mind, I dare to pursue them. I can sort of think the problems away and distance myself from negativity and fear.”

Hedvig has worn Hestra gloves for as long as she can remember.

“I remember when I was in a sports shop as a child; it was in Hemsedal. Then there was a wall of Hestra gloves there and I saw Henrik Windstedt's purple gloves and I felt like "those are the ones I want" I still use similar gloves. I like to use cycling gloves and everyday gloves too; it's nice that Hestra has such a wide range.”

A good pair of gloves should, of course, provide protection and warmth, but the most important thing for Hedvig is the grip.

“In competitions, I prefer to use the Ergo Grip with pre-bent fingers It offers a more comfortable grip, especially when you've been using the gloves for a while. I try to take care of my gloves and like to take along a few pairs that I use throughout the season - I really wear them out before I replace them. It’s also important that they stay tight around the wrist so that snow doesn't get in. I always carry extra gloves in my backpack so that I can adapt to the weather.”

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