The traditional sizing system for gloves was developed several hundred years ago in France. Thousands of hands were measured and a relationship became apparent: If you measure the circumference of the palm, the hand’s other measurements are often in proportion to it. Measure the circumference of your hand with a tape measure. If you don't have a tape measure you can use a string which you then measure with a ruler. Compare the size measurement in our size guide you will find on every product page.

Size recommendations for sport gloves

It is important to find the correct size from the start as sport gloves generally do not stretch over time. There should be a small gap between hand and glove to bind air which makes the glove warmer. A sports glove that is too tight will most likely be perceived as colder. If you are in between two unisex sizes we recommend that you normally choose the larger one. Junior size 7 and unisex size 7 is not the same size as they follow different size ranges.

Size recommendations for dress gloves

Unlined dress gloves or dress gloves with thin lining as in cashmere, wool or silk should fit tight from the start as they usually stretch over time. Therefore we produce most of the dress gloves in full and half size to match more hands. If you are in between sizes we recommend that you choose a half size.

Sizing for junior/kid's?

In that case you don't need to measure the circumference of the hand as junior/kid's sizes are based on age instead.

Mittens are warmer than 5-finger gloves

Go for a mitten if you often have cold hands. A mitten has a larger inner space that could bind more air which leads to a warmer glove. Another benefit with mittens is that the fingers warm each other. 3-finger gloves is a compromise between a mitten and a 5-finger glove.

Why are not all gloves waterproof?

A glove's primary task is to keep the hands warm and dry. For many, a waterproof glove is in many cases the first choice no matter the activity. What many often miss is that during high activity the body temperature rises which causes your hands to sweat more. Sweaty hands require a glove that can carry away moisture fast to avoid getting cold hands. A glove with a waterproof insert can in some situations have the opposite effect, as the waterproof inserts reduces breathability. Gloves with waterproof inserts also dry slower.

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