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Carpincho Handsewn Cashmere 20100-730
660 CAD

Color Siena

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A classic carpincho glove with a knitted cashmere lining is warming on chilly autumn and winter days. Cut by hand by glove cutters in Hestra’s workshop in Hungary, superb craftsmanship and materials produce a beautiful, well-fitting glove that only grows softer and more comfortable with age.


Men’s cashmere-lined glove 
in carpincho leather...

A handsewn glove in carpincho leather with its characteristic “speckled” texture. The carpincho is a South American rodent and glove cutters consider its leather to be one of the finest in the world. It is surprisingly soft, while also being strong and durable. This glove uses nubuck where the tanned surface is polished to produce a texture resembling suede.
Each glove is cut by hand by skilled glove cutters in Budapest. Their sense for the material is unique and their craftsmanship utterly superb. This glove has points on the backhand and a short slit to make it easier to put on and take off. A knitted cashmere lining is warming on chilly autumn and winter days.


Table Cut

Hestra Table Cut gloves have been handcrafted by expert glove cutters with the finest materials in accordance with the original practices of the craft from the 17th century. Every glove is a one-of-a-kind creation with the most exquisite fit.





Elastic at wrist | Handsewn | Table cut

Attached Lining


100 % cashmere knitted lining, soft and warm.

Outer material

Carpincho nubuck

A leaher from a rodent from South America whose skin has similiar properties as peccary. We use the nubuck, where the grain has been grinded down to give a suede looking feeling.

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