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Impact Racing Sr. 31750-100540
225 CAD


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Short, tight-fitting racing glove for slalom and giant slalom. A five-finger model with extra protection against sticks and impacts. Durable goatskin and outward-facing seams provide excellent grip, and G-Loft synthetic insulation helps keep your hand warm.






Durable racing glove 
with sturdy protection...

Go for it and enjoy the speed all the way to the finish – Impact is Hestra’s most protective racing glove and designed so you can ski to max without worrying about blows and impacts. It comes with comfortable knuckle protection and shock-absorbing foam padding that absorbs and distributes the forces if you hit a gate.The outer glove is made from Hestra’s most durable goatskin, with a reinforced palm and outward-facing seams for optimum pole grip. Details featuring Duratan, a strong, lightweight synthetic material with a suede-like feel. On the inside, a soft, insulating liner helps keep your hands comfortably warm.All in all this is a really comfortable and protective racing glove, perfect for when you’re putting in your top performance between the gates. Also available as a mitten.


Alpine Racing

Alpine Racing is won and lost by milliseconds. Every ounce plays an important role and every piece of equipment must have a distinct purpose. This range of gloves is developed in close collaboration with coaches and athletes. They are among our most technical gloves and emphasize suppleness, durability, and protection.

Product origin

Hai Phong, Vietnam

HESTRA Matsuoka Vietnam Founded by Hestra: 2018

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Attachments for handcuffs | Outseams | Reinforcement details | Shock absorbing foam on backhand, fingers and thumb | Wrist strap with velcro closure

Sewing technique that we use for several models. It provides excellent comfort for the fingers.



G-Loft is a very thin 100% polyester fiber with exceptionally high insulating capacity, even in wet conditions. G-Loft is quick drying, breathable and very compressive.

Attached Lining

Brushed polyester

Durable lining with a soft feeling. The brushed surface binds more air which provides a better insulation. 100% polyester.

Outer material

Impregnated goat leather | Duratan
Impregnated goat leather

Water-resistant goat leather.


Hardwearing fabric with water repellency.Made of micro fiber, 75% polyester / 25% PU.

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