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Peccary Handsewn Cashmere 20080-100
675 CAD

Color Black

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A timeless men’s glove in exclusive peccary leather with a soft knitted cashmere lining. This stylish glove with its clean lines is warming on chilly days in autumn and winter. Cut using traditional methods in Hestra’s glove cutting workshop in Hungary.


Men’s cashmere-lined 
peccary glove...

A timeless glove with a stylish, minimalist silhouette for men, handsewn in peccary leather with a knitted lining in exclusive cashmere yarn. A beautiful, warming glove that exudes classic style, ideal in damp autumn and winter weather.
The glove is cut by hand from a single hide by Hestra’s skilled glove cutters in Hungary. Their sense of materials and craftsmanship are shared only by a very few people in the world and every pair of gloves that leaves the workshop is a masterpiece in miniature. This is borne out by the feel as you pull on the glove. There’s a suppleness that means it perfectly shapes itself to the hand, even after long-term use.


Table Cut

Hestra Table Cut gloves have been handcrafted by expert glove cutters with the finest materials in accordance with the original practices of the craft from the 17th century. Every glove is a one-of-a-kind creation with the most exquisite fit.





Elastic at wrist | Handsewn | Table cut

Attached Lining


100 % cashmere knitted lining, soft and warm.

Outer material


Peccary comes from a wild boar from the Amazon jungle. The leather is soft, supple and isolating and is considered to be the most exclusive gloving leather.

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